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ZED Creates First Annual San Jose Stoner Rock Festival

Top Stoner Rock acts from around the country will converge in the South Bay on Thursday May 21st at the first annual San Jose Stoner Rock Festival. Hosted by the Back Bar and Nemesis Media, the SOFA district will rumble with each band bringing their distinct style of Stoner/Doom/Psych/Heavy rock

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“Desperation Blues” now available for Pre-Order!

ZED’s eagerly awaited new album “Desperation Blues” which is scheduled to hit he street on May 21st is now available for Pre-Order! BY pre-ordering now, you will receive an immediate download of the lead track “Please” and will receive the album a full week ahead of the scheduled release date.

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Upcoming show flyers

Posted in Live Shows by Mark Aceves

Hey everyone, we just wanted to let you know all of our immediate shows coming up soon by posting the art we make for the flyers. Hope you dig them! Click the icons to enlarge.

New video for “Lunatics and Liars” is now up!

That’s right friends, we just finished our first video and are excited to debut it to you here! without further ado, we introduce “Lunatics and Liars”

They’re Heeeeere!

Hey friends of Zed, today is a big day for us! “The Invitiation” is here!Our first run of CD’s is now in and we picked them up today! What’s that mean to you? well if you dont like buying digital files with your hard earned cash and prefer to have

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Fried Amps and Drunken Good Times!

Thanks everyone who came out on Saturday night to the Cupertino Brit. We had a good time and still rocked the joint even though my bass amp fried on the first song. I play Ampeg, the best amps in the world, but I drive ’em hard so occasionally one pusses

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Tonight we bring the rock

hey Mark here, just a quick note to remind you guys that tonight we play the Brit in Cupertino. We go on at 11 and we will rock the house. Hope to see you there. If you come make sure you step up and say hi and share a drink

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