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Great Rock and Roll doesn’t just happen. It’s made. With sweat, swagger and alcohol. And ZED makes rock the way it should be made. Loud guitars, a shot of whiskey and a middle finger.
San Francisco Bay Area’s ZED takes it cues from the greats like Zeppelin, Sabbath and AC/DC, but combines them with their contemporary musical influences such as Clutch, Rage Against the Machine and Queens of the Stone Age, creating a mixture that is new, yet familiar. With this explosive sound they are bringing back the guts, the grit and the balls to Rock. And they won’t stop until they succeed. At least in getting drunk and having a good time.
In April 2010, ZED released their first full-length album, “The Invitation”, which they had been brewing in the studio for over a year. A hard driving, aggressive sound but with solid groove that can’t be ignored. You shake your ass while you bang your head.

In June of 2012 ZED entered Sonic Room Studios with Tim Narducci engineering and producing their sophomore album “Desperation Blues”. With the studio expertise that he gained from working with greats like Bob Rock (Metallica, The Cult) and Howard Benson (P.O.D., My Chemical Romance), Narducci was able to harness the raw energy and essence of ZED in a way that had not been done before. And what they came out with was 46 minutes of giant, hook filled riffing, crafted into 10 songs that make up one beast of an album.

Whether it’s the pummeling album opener “Please” setting the stage with it’s meaty groove and undeniable hook, or the dusty, hung-over southern vibe of “Crawl Back To You”, or the steady building epic-ness of “Rain”, every song on this slab kills, and word on the street is that it is their best work to date. And at a time where so many people are saying that Rock is dead, this album is here to serve as a reminder that Rock aint dead at all, Rock is king. This album doesn’t disappoint.

“Desperation Blues” coming May 21, 2013, available for pre-order now.

Press Clippings

“Make no mistake, “Desperation Blues” is heavy as f*ck. But Zed’s form of ‘heavy’ goes beyond the riff, pulling at emotions and an energy that doesn’t rely on volume or sonic intensity.”
The Examiner

“Its one thing for a band to say they’re bringing the rock and roll, but it’s quite another when that band succeeds in delivering, and that’s just what Zed can do.”
Upstate Metal

“Those dudes will probably rattle the brains of owners of the big clubs in their city if word about “Desperation Blues” goes ’round on a steady and well-fuelled basis, and it sure earns every bit of fucking hype it can get. What I particularly dig about it is that it’s completely stripped of pretense or attempts to be something it ain’t.”
The Daily Stab

““Desperation Blues,” a monumental, smooth and funky grind leave a nice “blues metal” taste in my mouth, an allusion to thumb through my iTunes in search for a similar sound following a full listen of this new ten track monster of an album.”
Pittsburgh Music Magazine

“I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to this album in the last few weeks, and it is destined for a permanent spot in my playlists. “
Metal News Online

“By the time tracks three and four “Killing Machine”, “Desperation Blues” ended, my faith in mankind and will to live had been restored. I felt refreshed and renewed. I wanted more which was just what I got on the aptly titled “More”.”
Metalholic Magazine

“No matter what, it is hard to argue with the quality of this release. It is damn good from start to finish, without a turkey in the mix. “

“Desperation Blues is one bad-ass rock record. It has variety, and a powerful fluidity of motion. Just when you lock in on a riff they’ll take it up a notch, or change directions, but all the while keeping you along for the ride. And what a ride it is…”
StreetTeam Stu

“This my friends, is rock. All the way through the record each song is original and worth playing all the way till the end… This band gives me hope.”

“Desperation Blues is a great rock album that takes influences from past and present alike.”
Muzik Reviews

“Zed’s upcoming Desperation Blues record captures the very essence of what a rock album should be”
The Front Row Report

“These guys have managed to strike a fine balance between blues rock and stoner rock while incorporating some additional elements, and hopefully they’re able to find success as this is the kind of material I’d like to see filling the rock radio airwaves rather than the generic cut and paste groups they feature now.”
Cosmos Gaming

“The four-piece’s main strength are their riffs, they will fill your belly with the biggest meatiest slab of riffage anyone could find and then they soak it in the frontman’s husky and smokey vocals that makes for the most carnivorous riff feast that can make any stoner lovers drool in anticipation. This band is all riff, a two guitar groove assault that is so damn listenable! “
The Number of the Blog

“What we have here is a group of guys that have a true sense of themselves and know exactly who they are, and where they come from. It’s tight and focused and they play “in the pocket” keeping the groove strong. Borrowing bits from just about every decade of music for the last 40 years, and tossing it up in a riffalicious salad. And let me tell ya folks “These bacon bits are da bomb.” Pete Sattari’s vocals are top notch and remind me a bit of a pissed off Ian Astbury at times. “
Planet Fuzz

“It was probably the best 38 minutes I ever spent previewing an album…..The entire album is heavy hitting and hard rocking. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about “Halo,” “A Drug,” or “Somebody.” You can really get into the album on your drive somewhere, sitting around the house or if you’re having your friends over for some beers or whatnot.”
The Soda Shop Rock Blog

“the band do boast the kind of infectious grooves that will put them among the best in the business.”

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