“Desperation Blues” ……coming May 21st!

next show  -   Maryland Doom Fest

That’s right…. the name of the new album is Desperation Blues and this is the cover art. It’s being released May 21st! Stay tuned for pre-order info and details on formats!

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  1. Kashia

    Hi Zed!

    I said hi to you guys at The Blank with my friend Natalie! Will you come back to the Blank soon? Or my favorite venue, the Catalyst ?- which has such a great sound system!

    I became a new fan the first show I saw you (at the Catalyst last year). Now I’m a “Zed veteran” and want to follow you guys around wherever you play. Can I post a request from a real fan!

    Please play your “old school” stuff (now that you have your new school album 🙂 I call it new school bc it sound very upbeat more rock. Your Invitation sound being very dark, blues. PLEASE do not deviate from the original version of The River!!!! “A Drug:” is your #2 song, just awesome.

    I hope to see you guys out here soon. Wish I could see you in Reno!


  2. Kashia

    By the way. All the artwork and photography is amazing .You are true artists with taste. Its so refreshing to see real musicians who aren’t just an “image” and have a real rock sound- rock has become metrosexual over the past ten years.

  3. HI Kashia, Thanks a bunch for coming to the show!! IT was great to see you and your friend Natalie. We wanted to focus on the new stuff for this tour that we are on, but we’ll still play some of the older stuff going forward. Also regarding the River, we didnt change the song any, we just did a quick Pink Floyd intro/segueway into the River.

    Thanks for the compliments on out art as well. I do all of it for the band. We appreciate your correspondence and are stoked to have you as a fan! Keep spreading the ZED!

  4. Kasia

    Hi Mark,
    You are so talented! Your art work is really incredible. I am very inspired!!! So Zed are a bunch of guys with art degrees that play blues, metal, rock, and do it better than anyone I’ve seen in years. Now it all makes sense.

    It’s so awesome to see your favorite band live and actually SEE them play, professional musicians with the best music around, not on a screen 10 miles away but right in front of you. AND to meet them in person, then to badger them with requests on their website 🙂

    Zed has a sound all of its own. The River is your masterpiece. And it is a masterpiece. I hope you guys keep making music and do what you do.
    Thanks for replying to my post.

    All the best,

  5. Kashia

    I will see you guys in Santa Cruz and hopefully in the North Bay.

    Was Zed inspired in any way by Danzig (Lucifuge)? Blood and tears…it just sorta reminds me of you guys.


  6. Hi Kasia, we are fans of Danzig yes. His first two albums are great. I do , however prefer his fist band’s music, The Misfits. But indeed Lucifuge is a great record! See you soon!

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