We got hacked!!

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Hey friends, so you may or may not have noticed that you couldnt get to the site over the past weekend, instead you got a browser warning from Google. Well it appears that during our 24 hour free album download last week someone got the great idea to hack our site and put a bunch of malware on it. Luckily that didnt affect the free downloads since that’s on another site altogether, but it did cause us alot of hassle and cost us money. So to whoever hacked us, thanks alot, we hope you enjoy your free download.

To help pay for the fixing of our site we are going to put our album on a special sale where YOU can name your price! That’s right you can get the complete album “The Invitation” for a mere .99 cents or whatever you want to pay. The album is pretty swell and this is a steal next to getting it for free. Just go to our store at http://zedisded.bandcamp.com and pick it up, or just download the free tracks!!

Till next time, rock on.. and watch out for hackers!
Mark on bass

3 Responses to We got hacked!!

  1. kevin trueblood

    fucking jurkkkks need to get a life they can go hack there mother .long live zed i love yer album rocks hard.

  2. Thanks Kevin, yeah we agree with you.. they should get a life!! Keep rockin!!!!

  3. hp

    Hackers are giving no life people a bad name.

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